Refining the Strategic Framework for PhD’s, Supervisors, and Administrative Leadership


Refining the Strategic Framework for PhD’s, Supervisors, and Administrative Leadership

The Leading PhD Management Software for Academic Excellence

In pursuit of academic excellence, organization, and precise monitoring are fundamental. ResearchPlanner PhD management software, meticulously developed to provide universities control over the PhD lifecycle. With ResearchPlanner, every facet of a researcher’s plan and progress is no longer a mere data point, but a vivid narrative, empowering administrative bodies with profound insights.

ResearchPlanner is not just the best planner for PhD students, but a robust compass for supervisors and management. It cleverly structures information and communication, making them easily accessible and clear. Presenting a simple but still detailed view of the PhD timeline greatly simplifies the otherwise complex and multifaceted journey from candidature to completion.

Liberating students from administrative chores

The essence of ResearchPlanner lies in its ability to free you from the administrative workload. It optimizes the channels of communication and information flow, ensuring every stakeholder stays informed and aligned. With such a streamlined process, what was once a daunting administrative task now becomes a breeze. Consequently, the focus seamlessly shifts to where it rightfully belongs: the PhD students.

ResearchPlanner’s user-friendly interface is not only intuitive but also highly customizable to match the unique demands of every academic institution. The goal is simple yet profound: to provide a conducive environment where administrative efficiency meets academic brilliance

In other words, ResearchPlanner is a PhD management software that encapsulates reliability, efficiency, and a clear pathway to academic success, by refining the paradigm of effective PhD lifecycle management. Experience a realm where every step in the PhD timeline is not just tracked but guided with enriched and actionable insights.

‘The smart thing with ResearchPlanner is that it makes the PhD status very transparent
for the PhD student, and actually all the way to the management’

Professor Kell Mortensen, chairman of the PhD Committee at SCIENCE faculty, Copenhagen University

Streamlining the process

ResearchPlanner streamlines the PhD journey by directing students toward successful completion while fostering seamless collaboration among supervisors and administrators. Developed alongside various universities, it stands as the premier PhD planner in the Nordics, now extending its reach across Europe.

Focus on PhD students

ResearchPlanner empowers universities with comprehensive oversight of the PhD lifecycle, providing a more structured view of the PhD timeline. It simplifies information and communication, alleviates administrative chores, and enables a focused commitment to the progress and research of PhD students.

Transparency for stakeholders

ResearchPlanner grants secure access to the PhD management software for PhD students, supervisors, committee members, and administrative staff within and outside of the university. It effortlessly accommodates requests, approvals, assessments, and feedback.

Utilizing this input and/or process deadlines, seamlessly navigates stakeholders to subsequent phases, alerting them when action is needed. Administrators can fully access the PhD planner, manage configurations, monitor statuses, and generate complete reports.



Offers full flexibility to facilitate any PhD process. We develop our roadmap in co-creation with universities.

Supports local PhD regulations ISAE3402 & ISO27001 certified Integrated GDPR modules

As a SaaS solution provider we offer a range of support agreements fitting for your size of university.



Best practices
Our implementations are based on best practices and regional templates, reducing implementation time.

At the same time, the flexibility of the platform allows for any adjustment needed for your specific situation.

Our experienced consultants will guide you step by step to your end goal: a configuration that perfectly fits your processes.


“ResearchPlanner is a flexible and configurable PhD management system, that supports Aarhus University’s processes from application to the final stages of a PhD study.

Our PhD students and supervisors have a simple system to track progress in PhD plans and our PhD administrators have a comprehensive system to manage both enrollment, study, and employment.”

Anne Have Lietzen

Business Consultant, MA, Aarhus University

“Our connected institutions use ResearchPlanner’s Career Buddy to guide and support young researchers on their journey.

Thanks to the user experience and flexibility of the tool, the Career Buddy has quickly become a key component of the AcademicsConnected platform.”

Roland van Houtert

Manager Member Services Cooperative and Sales, AcademicTransfer

Engage with our team

The ResearchPlanner team is accessible for inquiries regarding our PhD management software or other aspects of our services. It is advisable to direct any questions or requests for further information through the contact form provided below. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and provide any necessary support.

Benjamin Elkjær

Benjamin Elkjær
Head of commercial