ResearchPlanner is an application that supports the management of PhD planning by providing detailed information on the PhD progress.

The story of ResearchPlanner started in 20XX in cooperation with Aarhus University in Denmark. An idea to lift the administration task of the PhD process the application was created.

ResearchPlanner grew to become the leading and most trusted PhD planning tool in the Nordics and its business to the DACH region.


Focus on PhD students

The PhD management system gives universities full control over the entire PhD process while providing detailed information on the researcher’s progress. The system removes the administrative burden while structuring all information and communication in an easy and clear manner. With full control over the process you are able to focus on what really matters: the PhD researcher and their research


Clear overview

The PhD management system allows the user to submit their PhD–plans, proposals, and objectives for their supervisors to evaluate and approve. There are several administrative processes integrated within the system which provide full control and insight within the process, such as candidate plans, goals, absence or need for extension


Quality Research

With the management system the PhD researcher becomes the primary focus of attention, therefore increasing the amount of support that they experience. By providing a solid support system the candidate is able to focus on delivering quality research which contributes to the overall progress of science.

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